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Cash Flowing Properties

Cash flow, simply defined, is the amount of money that you put in your pocket regularly after all expenses are paid. That is to say the cash IN minus the cash OUT over a given period of time. This could be measured weekly, monthly or annually. If you have cash flow properties you can hold on to them indefinitely because they are not only paying for themselves, they are paying you as well. In other words, real estate investing just isn't that risky if you are putting money in your pocket every month.

In "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki suggests that there is good debt and bad debt. Good debt pays for itself AND puts money in your pocket. Bad debt is simply a drain of resources. A TRUE asset puts money into your pocket every month.

Cash Cow Homes are income generating properties in Texas and Oklahoma. We do all the work for our clients and provide single family properties that will cash flow. Our goal is to provide quality investment homes in an affordable price range. For a deposit of $35,000 or less, in most cases, you can have an investment property… and not just any investment property but a full turn-key operation.

Rents in some areas have been climbing as the prices of real estate have been falling. Easy enough to understand when you factor in that lenders are less inclined to lend money, so fewer people are able to get a mortgage which means more people renting. This keeps rental rates where they are and sometimes pushes rents higher, even as the cost of a single family goes down.

Most of these great cash flowing houses are in DALLAS, TX

Population: 1,240,499 (+3.3% since 2000, Dallas County)
Median Income: $40,986 (+8.9% since 2000)
Median Home Price: $128,400 (+46.9% since 2000)

A few of these house are in OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 

Population: 547,274 (+6.7% since 2000, Oklahoma County)
Median Income: $41,899 (+83.4% since 2000)
Median Home Price: $122,700 (+63.7% since 2000)

Cash Cow Homes are a one stop shop!  Not only do we provide quality investment properties, but we provide professional property management which includes rental marketing and advertising, mortgage consultants, local insurance companies, and more.

When you buy a Cash Cow property it is a hassle free purchase and remains a hassle free investment because we do all the work for you. Our property management company, in most cases, will have your investment homes rented before you ever close escrow.  If you’re interested in purchasing income generating properties, please contact me directly for more information.

Invest for the long term with positive cash flow as part of the original structure of the deal so that market price fluctuations don't really matter much

To view many of these homes and get more information, please go to: Texas Cash Cows

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