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If you haven't checked out eBay yet, please do. You can go in as a guest initially. Are you thinking it is a big yard sale? In a way it is except that there are thousand dollar antique and million dollar homes listed there. Look around at everything that is being bought and sold worldwide. Then go look at Real Estate - yes, on eBay. This is my ulimate goal. With eBay you have a store front that reaches millions of customers, worldwide, and with minimal costs to you. They do all the marketing & advertising and even the Search Engine Optimizing.

So how am I going to get there? One step at a time. And I am happy to take you along through the process as well.

Ebay is linked to PayPal. So, first create a free Paypal account. It is free. A business account takes a few days as they verify things back and forth. They are very thorough and you will be glad of it.

Next open an free Ebay account and buy a few things. Consider selling a few things. Most of us have plenty of stuff laying around the house that could generate a little cash and gain us some experience with this process.

I use a template to load my pictures into a "flash" form because eBay makes most of its money from the fees that it charges.... like a per picture fee, this template saves me money and looks super professional. It always views better through Mozilla Firefox than Explorer though. You can see what I am doing at eBay by clicking here. Choose any item and scroll down into the description so that you can see the template. There should be a rotating carosal of pictures displaying.  Cool huh?  Now imagine Real Estate in a template like this - really cool. You can access these templates for $1 for the first month from TEMPLATE OPTIMIZER. It is so very worth it. For $1 you have nothing to loose and a lot to gain. After that, if you like it and want to continue it is $19.95 a month.

My guess is that you don't currently have any effective advertising or marketing in place for this low a price - right? TRY IT!

One you start selling, you will begin to get feedback. This feedback is important and you want it. The more of it you have, the better. I have found though that I do not give feedback until I get it, thus my buyers are motivated to give it to me and not just ignore this little detail.

My suggestions here accomplishes several things:

1. You are building a reputation as a merchant with Paypal.

2. You are building a reputation as a reputable seller on Ebay.

3. You will by necessity get very good with customer service & communications, based on your own terms and conditions that you create and set forth in your template prior to selling, as well as the payment process with paypal and shipping.

4. Also, IF you choose to, you can connect with DOBA, a drop shipper, via Template Optimizer your membership and access thousands of things to sell and make a tidy little profit while never needing to stock, inventory or ship a single thing yourself. This can be a fantastic source of extra income. To work with DOBA you will need a minimum of 10 postive feedback with eBay before you can gain access through Template Optimizer. Here's a real deal: A Doba membership regualrly costs $200 a year, with Template Optimizer it is included for FREE.

5. Once you get to 35 positive feedbacks, you can look into selling Real Estate on Ebay.

Another bonus offered through Template Optimizer is a set of templates that works on CraigsList, BackPage and Overstock. These are all great ways to get not just your clutter but a variety of products out onto the Internet and money into your account.