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Instant Websites

Are you interested in a few passive income ideas? Maybe building websites from home? If you do it right, they will be filled with inventory and advertisements that are all affiliates of yours and you will never actually have to stock, inventory or ship a thing. If this sounds like something you might be interested in you can click here to access 10 free videos that should help you decide.

What you will be accessing is Adam Ginsberg's Secrets of an Internet Millionaire. This is 10 videos of valuable information, most of which I agree with... and he will ultimately offer you Instant Store Builder access. Used properly this is the beginning of truly passive income as you will build niche sites and send them out on the world wide web to do their thing. I now have 15+ sites up and can tell you that I was making money within 2 weeks of getting my first 3 sites out there.

Perhaps it is easier if you simply have a look:

Pikolinos Shoe

Happy Cat Antics

Gas Savers

These sites are stocked by ebay and Amazon which is all part of affiliate marketing. So now you have the idea. You can see more sites by clicking the links on the left sidebar of any of the above 3 sites.

I do disagree with some of what is offered in the Internet Millionaire videos. I prefer GoDaddy for domain names. I found High Five to have very poor customer service and have even had names pulled right out of my cart and suddenly become unavailable. Something about this seems fishy to me so I no longer use them. You do want to purchase your names for 2 years and put them on automatic renewal. If you have a business entity with a business address I recommend using that information for your account and saving yourself the $10 per domain per year "privacy" charges which instantly doubles your costs. My business entity is public so I have no problem with anyone who is interested knowing which websites I own.

For hosting, use HostGator's baby package as it has unlimited space for adding more and more sites and pages. Plus they have a free build it yourself website thingie that you can use to experiment with... make sure that the first domain name you send to HostGator is the one you plan to build yourself, as opposed to with Instant Store Builder.